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What insurances do you accept?

I do not accept insurance, although you may receive out-of-network benefits depending on your provider. You may also benefit from health savings or flexible spending accounts. I do not accept insurance because I value your privacy and feel strongly about practicing independently without infringement. Insurance companies dictate how long a treatment can be, what it should look like, and request private clinical details about persons to determine coverage.

How often are sessions?

We will likely begin by meeting once a week. However, good therapy depends on meeting consistently and often. Therefore, it would be beneficial to meet more often. We will work together to determine if this makes sense for you - both emotionally and economically.

How much are sessions?

I meet with each person and work to find a price that makes sense for both of us. I try hard not to turn down anyone for cost-related reasons. We can discuss fees during a first session, which is free.

Are you currently holding sessions in person?

Yes, I am currently meeting in person in a socially distanced office setting. I encourage meeting in person but am able to accommodate virtual sessions on a case-by-case basis.

Is your office LGBTQIA+ friendly?

Yes. The ethics of psychoanalysis are clear: One in analysis should work towards clarifying their own desire without interference. It is the responsibility of the analyst to encourage each on this path. My role would never be to persuade anyone to desire differently given their sexual orientation, gender identity, etc. 

Do you prescribe medication?

No, as a clinical psychologist I am licensed for talk therapy. For medication, you should consult a psychiatrist or primary care physician.

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